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Especially on game day, a perfectly executed set-play could make the difference between winning and losing a match. Whether you are a coach of soccer, volleyball, handball or field hockey - Creating tactics will be one of the most important tasks for you. That's why our editor lets you design any strategy, tactic or set-play that you envision. On top of that, you can add them to your game day tactics, so that everyone knows the plan. Here's how you get started wit tactics in our coaching app.

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Step #1

Draw tactics

In the app, you can create tactics by opening the menu item "The season" and there clicking on "Tactics. Here you can design your own set plays and tactics. No matter if it's line ups or a new free kick variation, you will always have your next masterpiece available in your tactic database.

Create new tacticDetailed tutorial

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Step #2

Create tactic animations

For your creative set pieces or play patterns you can even animate your tactics. That's how you'll get your players to understand any of your instructions - Learn here, how you do it:

Create tactic animationDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Use tactics for all your teams

Once you've created your tactics you can easily use them for all of your teams. Simply open the 3-dot menu of the respective tactic, and click on "Duplicate". At a later stage you can then edit the duplicate version and add another team to it.

Duplicate tacticDetailed tutorial

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Step #4

Save tactic collections as PDF

If you want to bring your tactics to the next game on a piece of paper or want to store them offline you can download them as PDFs. Simply create a tactics collection, select them in the search bar and click on "Download Collection".

Download tactics collectionDetailed tutorial
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