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We revolutionize your Coaching

Our Story is the online solution that will revolutionize your Team, Training and Season Management. Founded by Dominic, Max and Max in 2014, now has three primary features: Our Club House for your member management and Co-Working, the Training Ground that will let you create and animate exercises as well as plan training session and The Season which is ideal to plan your tactical masterpieces and prepare for the upcoming games.

The entire platform is online and mobile optimized so you have access to all your data from anywhere.

There are now more than 100.000 coaches on board, including academies and performance centers from different sports, such as Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball and Handball.

Coaches from all over the world, from North America to Australia, from the Caribbeans to Scandinavia, with teams ranging from the youngest youth to the oldest senior teams, or entire clubs from amateurs to pros. can "just" be your training inspiration, but it can also be one system for the entire club. It really is up to you!

The founders

Meet the trio infernale who came up with the platform. Of course there is a whole team behind them, but Dominic, Max & Max are the ones who kick-started the entire project. So, without further ado here are the founders:

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Dominic - CEO

Dominic is the mastermind behind and shares the management responsibilities with Max. Having finished his sports science degree with short detour in computer science, Dominic is the brain, heart and soul of our beautiful planet.

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Max - CTO

Max knows every single line of the source code. As a full-blooded Internet user and computer science guru, he loves to program. If you manage to pull his attention away from the screen, then be prepared for a dazzling display of puns and slapstick!

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Max - CFO

Max is tireless when it comes to the refinement of As part of management and equipped with the talent to always keep on track, Max is undoubtedly our man in all respects. He has a lot going on, but always finds time to get inspired.

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