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  • check_circle Invite unlimited number of users
  • check_circle Member management & co-working
  • check_circle Management of teams & players
  • check_circle Scouting

  • check_circle Private exercises
  • check_circle Access to premium drills*
  • check_circle Training sessions & periods
  • check_circle Training stats
  • check_circle Exercises and sessions as PDFs

  • check_circle Private tactics
  • check_circle Gameday management
  • check_circle Season stats
  • check_circle Tactic collections as PDFs

  • check_circle Dashboard
  • check_circle Calendar


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Currently available for

Soccer Coaching

Take your team to the next level - Our professional soccer web app is being used worldwide by amateur coaches, professional clubs and some of the world's best football academies. Our features are tailored to the work of modern soccer coaches. Exercises, session planning, tactics and team management - all in one place, accessible from anywhere!

THE soccer app

Volleyball Coaching

Our successful web app has also been launched for Volleyball in January, 2019. Our features include, team & member management, as well as drill creator, session planner and tactics. No matter if you work in a club, academy or association - With you can now visualize and optimize your Volleyball training sessions.

THE Volleyball App

Handball Coaching

Get ready - Because is the first comprehensive online App for Handball coaches, teams and academies. The feature set includes our team management, co-working with assistant coaches, an exercise creator, session planner and tactics. With your entire team can now optimize their Handball training sessions.

THE Handball App

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