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Club House: Member Management

It's never easy to get everyone on the same page. That's why we at planet.training created our member management. Here your entire staff will work together and lay the foundation for the club's succes. 

Club House: Teams & Players

Keep the info of every player in one place. Track training and game performances as well as injuries. Create notes to always know how to ensure that your player delivers on gameday! 

Club House: Scouting

Adding the missing puzzle piece to your team, will do wonders. With our scouting feature, you will never lose track of a potential new player again. Here you fill out scouting reports for as many players as you want. You pick a status and once you are ready to sign the player you can easily import him or her to your existing teams.

Training Ground: Exercises

There is no training session without drills. To make sure you always have the right ones at hand our database has thousands of public exercises, hundreds of premium drills as well as unlimited storage for your own drawings and animations. 

Training Ground: Training Sessions

How many players will attend the upcoming session? Who's injured? Which drills? With the session manager you will never have to ask those questions again. Here you have all info, all drills and systematic player review in one place.

Training Ground: Statistics

Who is underperforming? Which player needs to improve their attendance? The training stats allow you to be on top of it all, so you can see the development before it happens. 

The Season: Tactics

Starting line-ups, corner kicks, set plays and everything else - Plan your next masterpiece with our tactics editor. Each of your drawings and animations can then be added to your gamedays.

The Season: Gamedays

Know which players are available for your upcoming match. Prepare starting line-ups and strategies, and share everything with your team members. After coming home with a W you can also rate & review each player's performance.


 *Coming soon for Volleyball

The Season: Statistics

Who is underperforming? Which player needs to improve their scoring efficiency? The season stats allow you to be on top of it all, so you can see the development before it happens.


*Coming soon for Volleyball

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Soccer Coaching

Our professional soccer web app is being used worldwide by amateur coaches, professional clubs and some of the world's best football academies. Our features are tailored to the work of modern soccer coaches. Exercises, session planning, tactics and team management - all in one place, accessible from anywhere!

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Volleyball Coaching

Our successful web app has also been launched for Volleyball in January, 2019. Our features include, team & member management, as well as drill creator, session planner and tactics. No matter if you work in a club, academy or association - With planet.training you can now visualize and optimize your Volleyball training sessions.

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