Assign permissions to members (Co-working)

Allow your assistant coaches and staff members to join the app, so that all of you can work together on the upcoming sessions - If you want players to simply fill out their training and gameday attendance click here.

Step 1

Open the member's permission settings!

Step 2

Assign the right permissions to this member. 

The different categories

Here is what members can see with what permission

Events & Calendar: Allowing access (view, edit or delete) to this features lets the member see all events for the selected Team in your club's calendar feature.

Team Management: Member can access the chosen teams and see the player overview or even create a new team. However, this member cannot access the player profiles without Player Management permission.

Player Management: Member can access all player profiles of the respective team. This includes the player's info, training stats, season stats, injuries, development and notes tabs inside the respective profile.

Scouting: Here the coach/member can access the club's or team's scouting list and with the right permission type (edit) even add new players to the scouting list including reports. A must have permission for the scouts in your team!

Exercise: Allows this member to access all public drills of your club including the database. Also allows users to create their own collections with favorite drills from other users.

Training Session: This involves everything regarding the respective team's training management. Session plans, including drills and player ratings, as well as the training statistics. So be careful not to assign this to players if you don't want them to see the comments and ratings you have given them.

Gameday & Tactics: Includes all features of "The Season" feature, such as tactics of your team and gameday reports and ratings. Same as for the training sessions, make sure you don't allow players to access this if you don't want them to see the ratings and comments.

Tip: If you want players to simply fill out their training and gameday attendance click here.


The user rights for several members can be assigned at the same time.

For this purpose, click "Select" at the respective users.

All selected members can now be granted the same rights via the "Assign Permissions" button in the blue bar.

This makes sense, for example, if all parents of a team should receive the same viewing rights.

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