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Organizing the calendar of a team, or even a club can be quite challenging. When are your teams practicing, when are they meeting, or when is the next meet up with the parents? All those club events can be managed in our app for coaches. Here's how you manage all events with

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Step #1

Create events

To create a new event simply go to the menu item "Calendar" and either click on the specific date or the button "New Events" in the top right of your screen. Select the event type and fill in all the details. Training sessions and game days that you have created outside of the calendar, are automatically added.

Add new eventDetailed tutorial

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Step #2

Change calendar view

See your club events how you prefer - Use the different calendar views (Week, Month, List, Yearly) to keep track of everything that goes on. Simply click on the view button and change the team calendar to your preferred view.

View club eventsDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Find events in your calendar

No matter what event you are looking for, our search bar makes it easy to find anything. Organizing your training sessions, planning game days, or managing club events - all in one app. It's never been easier. Just click on the search button to look for specific events.

Find club eventsDetailed tutorial

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Step #4

Share calendar with club members

Make sure your club members are always ahead of things. By inviting them to the app, you can give them permissions to view, edit, or even create own events for your club. Good to know: Invited players, will automatically see all training sessions in their calendar and can therefore set their training status in the calendar.

Set user permissionsDetailed tutorial
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