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Preseason update:
Your new stats center is here!




Are you ready for the new season? We are more determined than ever to get you where you want to be. All the way to the top! We used the summer break to add plenty of new stats and features. Here is an overview of all updates:

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Training stats and player comparison

Which player is constantly improving? Who needs more individual training sessions? Our new player score makes it easy for you to keep track of each player’s development. The ranking is also customizable. Here, we explain how it works.

In addition, we’ve added the team performance and attendance which will give a better insight into your team’s development. You can recognize trends at first glance and act immediately. If you are not sure which player earned the place in the starting formation, you can compare the two in the player comparison and analyze their performance data. That's how we improve your coaching!

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Easy management of all your seasons

With planet.training you can plan and analyze long term. That's why we've added a season filter. This allows you to sort all your stats, sessions and team info by seasons. You can archive teams from past seasons and start fresh for the upcoming year. Learn how to archieve your past season and start a new one here.

Managing training periods is another point that we have significantly improved. Above the training sessions, you can now see all your created periods and manage them much faster. This will save you plenty of time.

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On top of that we are planning more improvements for the few next weeks. As you can see, we at planet.training are already highly motivated for the new season. Are you as well? If you have any questions or suggestions about our latest update, feel free to email us at support@planet.training.

Your planet.training Team

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