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One score for a quick training analysis

Coaching and training analysis can sometimes be quite complicated. Evaluating the attendance list, reading through comments. It's a lot. We at think it shouldn't be that way and know that coaches would rather see everything neatly and at a glance. That's why we've developed the player score. A number that summarizes your player's entire training performance.

How the score is calculated.

The whole thing is not magic, that's for sure - but it's extremely efficient. In each session's follow-up, you have the opportunity to rate your player's performance with an ascending, an even, or a descending arrow. We take these ratings now and assign a numerical value to each rating. Here is an example for the rating "Priority: Balanced":

  • The player scores 2 points for a positive rating
  • For a neutral rating a player scores 1 point
  • A negative rating results in -0,5 points.

From this we calculate the sum and factor in the player's attendance. Because only those who are attending the sessions have a chance to be rated. The result is a very informative score that our team of sports scientists has developed. A look at the player radar is enough for you to know which player is always performing well during practice, and which player isn't.

Priorities for full flexibility

To make sure all coaches are satisfied with the player score, we added the option of prioritizing a player's attendance or performance. To do this, simply select the respective priority category. The score of most players will visibly change.

Note: The changes are achieved through modified values of the performance rating. The result are small but often crucial differences for the standings.

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