Systematic Sessions Plans

Compose your training sessions consisting of your own animations or exercises from the database. Highlight a focus and find everything quickly.

Efficient Gameday Planning

Tactics, systems or set plays - Prepare the next game visually and share everything with your team members.

Digital Team Management

Calendar, communication and individual statistics - Everything you need to keep track of your team's development.

Dietmar Blicker

Head of Certification & Quality Management (Karlsruher SC, GER)

"Due to the coordination of all teams is on a whole new level. If we want to set a main focus for all players, we send specific drills to our coaches. That's how we guarantee the highest quality of development for our academy. The extensive statistics help us to check players performance from anywhere at any time."

Ellis Riley

Assistant Coach (Hastings College, USA)

" is a great tool when it comes to creating exercise and tactic animations for my daily training sessions. It lets me prepare and save specific sessions in advance, so I can easily adjust and use them when needed. Same goes for my game day preparation."

Alex McLaurin

Technical Director (West Side Alliance SC, USA) 

"As the TD of a club with over 60 competitive teams it was important for me to find a software that would be able to connect all coaches and allow them to share training exercises, communicate easily with each other, and have the tools available to them to manage their teams in a professional way. has exceeded my expectation in having all in one.

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