Why planet.training?

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Strength in team work!

The entire power of the planet.training web app becomes evident when clubs, academies and youth performance centers use the application. Planet.training offers the possibility to coach all teams with the same philosophy, drills and tactics. Here are our Top-3 reasons why our app is the ideal solution for your club's quality management :


Connected management of all teams.

The coaches and staff of all your teams can organize and manage their teams with planet.training. Player profiles, exercises, training sessions, game-day tactics and performance analysis are stored online on our platform and are accessible to club members everywhere in the world. This creates absolute efficiency in your club's or academy's season planning.

Co-Working - Everyone pulls together.

Add an unlimited number of coaches, players and other staff members to the platform and assign co-working permissions. With planet.training all coaches work together and support each other. Thus, the club/academy director can set the direction and therefore guarantee a high standard in developing players and for the development of each team.

Detailed development and performance analysis.

Which players are constantly improving and ready for a promotion, is now even easier to determine. With our extensive stats and analyzes, no questions remain unanswered. The planet.training app supports coaches in optimizing their practices and recognizing negative trends immediately. The upcoming session plan can be filled with the ideal drills to ensure a positive development in the future.

The planet.training app is available for the following sports: