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Support clubs - develop modern coaches!

Technological change is also affecting sports federations around the world. Whether in soccer, volleyball, handball or field hockey - Coaches development and quality management in associations is becoming digital. Time for you to join in! Here are our Top-3 reasons why planet.training is the right partner for your sports association:


Digital support in developing coaches.

How should an exercise be instructed? Which coaching points are important? With our planet.training app, instructors can provide content to your "future generation of association coaches" and thus support them in their development. Each course can be managed individually and provided with digital learning resources that fit the specific requirements 

New club structures in your association.

In addition to the digital coaches development, all the teams of your association can be equipped with planet.training memberships. Thus, the highest standard in managing clubs and developing teams tactically can be achieved. In order to comprehensively implement association philosophies, the clubs can be provided with drills and sessions plans through our platform..

Individual branding as an association app.

Individuality and quality management are highly important in an association. That's why our app can also be used in the official branding of your federation and on your own servers. Logo, colors and even features can be adjusted to your individual ideas and needs, so that the digitization within the association can be implemented with 100% satisfaction.

The planet.training app is available for the following sports: