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In this third part of our coaching app guide, we are now getting to one of the most important steps - Setting up your teams. This will allow you to efficiently manage the development of your team and players. Once your player profiles are ready to go, you will be able to add them to training sessions and game days. So let's have a look at the first three steps of setting up a team.

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Step #1

Add club name

Before you get started, make sure to add all necessary info about your club. This includes the name of your team, the logo, and also adjusting the start date for each new season. You can edit the club info, by click on your club name.

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Detailed tutorial

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Step #2

Add your teams

In the next step you can add all the teams, that you want to manage with Open the menu item "Club House" and go to "Teams & Players". Here you can add new teams.

Add new teamDetailed tutorial

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Step #3

Add players

Now players can be added to each of your teams. The quick entry form allows you to enter the player's most important information. Detailed data and stats can then be added to each profile.

Add playersDetailed tutorial
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