In many situations your players will be outnumbered by the opponent or your offense runs a counter attack with more players than defenders in their way.

How could you train for such situations? Don't worry, we have thousands of soccer drills for any skill! 

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4 vs 2 with counter attack

Set Up:

For this exercise you will need one half of a regular pitch, where a “4 vs 2” will be played. 10 meter in front of the halfway line, set up a pole goal (Width of penalty area). Place enough balls behind both goals. Divide the group into teams of 4 and line up one goalkeeper between the posts. Two players of the defending team will wait as substitutes next to the goal.


This exercise consists of a regular “4 vs 2” game, with both teams having the opportunity to score a goal. The attacking team (green) will start the game from the pole goal and will try to make use of the majority situation, through a quick passing game. The game will restart in front of the pole goal, with the attacking team maintaining ball possession after a goal or a missed shot. If the two defenders can intercept the ball from the attacking team, they will have the opportunity to score a counter attack goal by dribbling across the goalline of the pole goal. After two minutes the two waiting defenders will come into the game for the other two. Playing time: Two 4 minute games will be played with each team being the attacking team once.

4 (+4) vs 4 on several goals

Set Up:

Divide the group into three teams of 4 (you can vary the amount of players in a team). Place 5 cone/pole goals with a width of 3m, on the pitch (30m x 30m). Adjust the size of the field and goals to the amount of players.


Two teams (red and orange) play as one versus the third team. The 4+4 team is the ball controlling team and tries to create spacing, through fast passing and good positional play. Goals can be scored, when succesfully passing and receiving the ball through cone/pole goals. The third team of four tries to keep the two attacking teams from scoring, with maintaining a good positional play. Playing time: 6 games of 2 minutes – Each team of 4 will be playing defense twice.

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1 vs 2 - Attack and Counter

Set Up:

Set up two goals with poles (width 3m) opposite of the big goal. Two defending zones (Size: 20m x 5m) are set up with each four cones. Distance between the zones is 5m.

Determine two defenders and a goalkeeper, the other players line up behind a cone that is set up between the two pole goals. Each player at the cone should get a ball.


The coach signals first player at the cone to start dribbling towards the two defenders waiting in their zone. Attacking player needs to dribble past both defenders, which are not allowed to leave their individual zones. If offensive player gets passed both defenders, he tries to score the goal against the goalkeeper. In case one of the defenders is able to intercept the ball, both defensive players will run a counter attack in a "2 on 1" against the previously attacking player.

Switching play with shot on goal in a 2vs1

Set Up:

Use 4 cones to set up a field of approx. 40m x 40m. Set up a big goal at one of the base lines - You can set up the same exercise twice within one field (see additional drawing). Set up position cones 1-3: Cone 2 around the halfway line - Cone 3 approx. 5-10m behind the halfway line. At least two players each at position 1 & 2 and one attacking and one defending player at position 3 - One goalkeeper per goal. All balls to position 1.


Player 1 starts the switching play with a high cross pass to player 2. Player 2 controls the ball, starts a quick dribbling before passing it to player 3. Player 3 moves towards the ball after getting separation from the defender with a quick juke move. Player 2 now joins the attack, which creates a 2v1 situation. Player 3 now has the option to go for the shot on his own or pass the ball to player 2 to finish the drill with a goal. Rotation: 1->2->Defender->3->1->2-> etc.

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