Dribbling skills are essential for every player, because it's not only about winning an offensive 1 on 1, but more about ball handling, technique and anticipation.

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Team Dribbling Competition - For youth players

Set Up:

For this exercise, you need three pole goals that serve as a team station. In front of the stations you build a course of 5-7 cone goals (width: 4m). The group is divided into three teams (more Teams = more cone goals). Each player gets a ball.


The team starts at the coach's signal from their own team station. Each group must dribble through all cone goals and then return to their own team station. The path is given by the foremost player of the respective team and can be chosen freely. Contact with the body and ball of the opponent is prohibited. As variations, the course can be changed and different forms of dribbling can be given.

Which team scored the most points after 7 rounds? Who will win this training exercise?

Category: Soccer Training, Soccer Drills, Speed, Warm-Up, Dribbling, Exercises with ball, Juniors, Children, Kids, Under 13, Under 11, Under 9, Girlsm Team Challenge, Competition, Ball Handling, Technique

Pass and Dribbling Competition

Set Up:

Four cones will mark down a 15m x 15m field – an additional cone will be put at one of the four corners and will determine the starting cone. In this field a zig-zag pattern will be set up with cones. The group will be divided into two equal teams. The first team (orange) will go to the zig zag course – one player per cone, whilst the second team (green) will go to the starting cone of the square. Team 1 will need one ball, whilst every player of team 2 will need one ball.


After the coach has given the starting signal, team 1 has to pass the ball as fast as possible from the first to last player and back, through the zig-zag course. Meanwhile the second team is dribbling around the field as fast as possible. As soon as Team 1 has completed three rounds of the zig-zag course the second team has to stop dribbling immediately. The last player of team 2 is the determining factor for the amount of completed rounds. Different forms of dribbling and passing can be used as a variation. This exercise exercise is especially suitable for younger players. Which team completes the most rounds dribbling around the square?

Category: Soccer Training, Soccer Drills, Pass, Speed, Dribbling, Exercises with ball, Juniors, Children, KidsUnder 13, Under 11, Under 9Girls,  Team Challenge, Competition, Ball Handling, Technique

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1 vs 1 - On three goals

Set up:

For this exercise you need to set up two sets of three pole goals (Width 4m) on a 20m x 20m field. Divide the group into groups of two (1 versus 1) – a maximum of 5 groups per field is advised. One player of each group will be assigned to the first team (Orange) and the other player to the second team (White). Each pair of players needs a ball.


Each pair is playig an open field “1 on 1”. All three opposing goals can be attacked – the ball has to be dribbled across the goal line. However there is a time limit of 20 seconds to a single attack. After scoring a goal or losing the ball the defensive players will turn into offensive and can attack the opposing goals. All pairs can play at the same time, which will improve players orientation on the pitch. Playing time: 2 minutes per round, then change opponents. Who wins the most 1 on 1’s?

The King of Dribbling - Exercise for kids

Set Up:

Set Up a 20m x 20m circle or square and mark 5-7 cone goals (orange) - 3m width. Divide the group into: 3-5 Defenders (orange) & 5-8 attacking players (blue) - Each attacker gets 1 ball.


On the Coach's signal the ball possessing players start dribbling through the circle, aiming to dribble through the cone goals. The defenders try to keep them from dribbling through the goals This exercise teaches the ball possessing players to protect the ball and to look up, while dribbling, to see where the opponents are. Each successful dribbling through the cone goal is worth 1 Point for the offensive players. If a Defender is able to kick the ball out of bounds he'll be rewarded with 1 point. Competition: Which player is the first to get 7 points to become the kind of dribbling.

Category: Soccer Training, Soccer Drills, 1 on 1, Dribbling, Exercises with ball, Juniors, Children, Kids, Under 13, Under 11, Under 9Girls

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