Soccer Drills - Children

Teaching children needs some specific focus compared to adults. Always remember, they're kids and they want to have fun and enjoy the time. Take a look at these ideas, we further have soccer drills for any age or level! 

You can directly start coaching with these four exercises. Try hundreds of Premium Exercises or use the public database:


Medicine Ball – Pass Competition

Set Up:

This exercises requires a 20m x 15m field, which you mark down with cones. In the middle of this field you should place 5-7 medicine balls into a neutral zone. The neutral zone covers an area of 3m to both sides. Mark down the neutral area with cones as well. Divide the group into two teams – Each player should get a ball. Place additional balls close to the teams.


As soon as the coach has given the start signal, the players will target the medicine balls in the middle of the field. The goal is to move the balls out of the neutral zone inside the opposing team’s zone (behind the cone line). Strong and precise shooting is required. Each ball that crosses the opponents line, will count as a point for the team. Decision making as well as orientation skills are demanded – Players will get to the point where they have to decide whether they should go for a score or rather focus on preventing the opponents from scoring?

Playing time: 2 minutes – Which team reaches the highscore?

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Cross Pass Drill – Above the rope

Set Up:

Set up 3 x 3 fields – use cones or big hoops. Set up two starting stations approx. 10m in front of field. Build two teams of 1-4 players per set up – Each team lines up at one of the stations. Provide 3 matching colored markers – (bib, cones, balls, etc.)


This exercise follows almost the same rules as the classic Tic Tac Toe: To win the game a team must place their 3 markers in a row – Diagonal, horizontal or vertical.

On the Coach’s signal the first player of each team starts running towards the field and places his first marker in one of the 9 areas. After marking the first area the player runs back to tab the next waiting player, which then starts running towards the field – Same execution for third player. After all 3 markers have been placed in the field, one marker at a time can now be replaced by each following player, until one team wins – 3 markers in a row. Play several rounds as a competition – Best of 5 or 7.

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Ropeball - Shooting drill for youth players

Set Up:

A field of 20m x 10m will be set up with poles. In the middle of the field you will stetch a rope at the height of 1m. The backpoles one each side will mark the goal lines.

Make sure you have enough replacement balls on the sidelines. Divide the group in teams of 4.


Objective of this exercise is to shoot the ball below the rope across the opponents goalline. Each team is allowed to have a maximum of 6 ball contacts for one attack.

Only one defender is allowed to be directly on the goalline in an effort to keep the ball from crossing it. Players are not allowed to use their hand. Which team is the first to score 7 goals?

2 +2 versus 2 - Majority in a small sided game

Set Up:

Set up a field of approx. 30m x 20m - One big goal on each end of the field. Three teams of 2 - One goalkeeper per goal. Place balls near goalkeeper for a quick pass, in case ball goes out of bounce.


In this drill your players will learn to play a fast, yet controlled majority game, to take advantage of the situation. Team A (Blue) plays a free 2vs2 against Team B (Yellow). Neutral Team C (white) will always support the ball possessing team in their attack - After a goal Team C joins the attack around midfield.

Played with offside rule. After change of ball possession the neutral team C has to transition quickly as well. Because of the small sided game setting, this drill will get quite exhausting. Use little breaks where players can catch their breath to coach them up.

Only the strongest will succeed

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