Warm-up before a soccer game

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The right warm-up program is the perfect tool to prepare players mentally and physically for the upcoming game. In the second part of our warm-up blog, we show you which exercises you should rely on when warming up.

Nearly every team has a proper warm-up routine before training sessions and games. But the exercises are not always thought through by the coach. In addition to the physical and psychological preparation for the upcoming opponent, a good warm-up also serves to prevent injuries and should therefore be prepared in detail. After introducing you to the stages of a warm-up program in the first part of our warm-up series, we are now filling them with content that places a special focus on the hamstring muscles.

Phase 1: Activation of the metabolism

Set-up and execution:

5 cones each are placed in two parallel lines at a distance of five meters in between each cone. Altogether a 20 m track. Each player starts at the first cone, running on the inside of the respective cone line and performing the respective exercise. After the player passes the last cone he runs back to the starting position on the outside of the cone lane at moderate speed. Each exercise is performed twice. This phase takes a total of eight minutes.


  1. Straight ahead running in moderate pace

  2. Hip rotation to the outside

  3. Hip rotation to the inside

  4. Side steps in moderate running pace

  5. Diagonal kicks

  6. Moderate high knee running in combination with Skippings and reverse running

  7. Sidesteps backwards with turn and initiation sprinting pattern

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Phase 2: Mobilize and Activate

Set-up and execution:

The cones from Phase 1 are taken as spatial orientation. The players stand side by side in a horizontal line and then run the 20-m track. Exercises are performed at walking pace. The players then run back to their starting position at moderate speed. Eight repetitions per exercise or per leg. The exercises last a total of ten minutes.


  1. Hand Walk

  2. Walking Quadriceps

  3. Sumo Sqaut

  4. Lateral Lunge

  5. T-Balance with arm raise

  6. Lunge with Trunk Rotation

  7. The World´s Greatest Stretch

  8. Front Plank with alternately lift leg

  9. Hurdle Walk

  10. Nordic Hamstrings

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Phase 3: Soccer-specific movements

The phase of soccer-specific movements takes a total of 15 minutes.


1. Agility exercises with Coordination Ladder including sprints . Five repetitions

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2. Maximum sprints with and without change of direction. Five repetitions, 15 m sprints.

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3. Small-sided game 5v5 with the objective of high passing quality and quantity. In a 40 x 20 m field with two ball contacts.

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4. Combination form Pass variable length, flank and goal finish.

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You can find the entire Warm-Up exercise in our database and add them to your next training sessions, if you are a Pro Coach.

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