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Create Drills - Indoor Hockey


Perfectly prepared for Indoor hockey

All drills can now be created for field hockey as well as for indoor hockey. This will allow you to be perfectly prepared for each season. To create a drill for indoor hockey you have to only follow a few steps. This tutorial shows you how to do it:

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Step 1

Go to the menu item "Create" and click on "New Exercise" - As an alternative select "Training Ground" -> "Exercises" -> "+New Exercise"

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Step 2

Now select between drawing or animating an exercise. In both options you will be able to select between indoor and field hockey.

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Step 3

Use the tabs to switch between both options. Then click on the field you want to use. Tip: If you are creating an animation you have to open the field menu via the 3-dot menu on the top right.

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Step 4

Create your drill and click on "Save" when you are done

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Step 5

As a last step you have to categorize the drill correctly, so you can later find it easier inside your database.

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Step 6

Under "More categories" scroll to the bottom and select "Indoor Hockey". You can also use the search bar and type "indoor" to find the tag faster.

If you add the tag "Indoor Hockey" to your drills it will allow you to filter more efficiently when you are looking for drills in your database.

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