is a community of experienced coaches, a team and training organization tool. With the ever-growing database of soccer exercises, you can make a long-term improvement to your coaching! Double pass alone? Not a chance!

Dig into our exercise database

Stop searching. Start finding! Discover new coaching methods to keep your team on track. The exercise database is immediately available after signing in. Filtering the soccer exercises by category guaranties to show you exercises that approve with your coaching requirements. But your help is needed here too! Participate and fill our database with helpful tips, exercises and routines. Through the principle of give and take, our database of over 5,000 exercises grows only through participation by coaches – let’s make it big!

The exercise database

Plan your training sessions

Select free or your own exercises from the database to create training sessions in no time with our Session Manager. Not only is it possible to assign each team a different session, we also put focus on advanced planning. You can create training templates so your favourite sessions can be easily reused or work on exercise variations directly in your planned drill. Check on who will be attending to the next soccer traingin and get attendance updates in real time. If you want to try it yourself, sign up here…

Keep the team up to date

The organization of your team is important to us. Integrate your team into and communication between coaches, club and players becomes a breeze. Whereas you would stop at obligatory player attendance lists, we are just getting started. Offering your players insight into their performance, improvements to individual training sessions and much more is coming soon. To involve your players in the process of training preparation creates a whole new kind of motivation for the team. Team Manager

Create own Exercise Drawings & Animations

The drawing tool allows soccer exercises to be simply and comprehensively visualized & animated. We offer all the tools and elements necessary for professional soccer coaching. If your creation requires extensive information, a text field is used for a more detailed explanation of the process and special categories make it easier to find this exercise in the database. We believe there should be no restrictions, thus our editor works with the device of your choice, no download or installation required. In one click you’ll have this creative tool at your finger tips! Register for free now…

Knowledge exchange

Become a part of the community on and get in contact with coaches all over the world. We, being more than 25,000 coaches, have one common goal – to aim for continuous improvement in our coaching. Exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas about soccer with friends, which love to coach as much as you!

Connected Coaches
The Tactic Tool in

Manage your Tactics

Prepare strategies, tactical moves or standard situations – optimized for your team. Visualize the positions by individually dragging each player on the position you like. Get a head start on your opponents and can create a playbook for each of your games. To keep your players up to date, just use the easy done PDF printout. You don’t want to print? No Problem, send an email.

Be part of the coaching network

Training manager
All exercises close at hand

Burn that mess of paperwork and scribbled notes, you don’t need them anymore! Organize everything that matters to your coaching in one place and use it across all devices. Soon available as an app for your training offline.

Mutual inspiration guaranteed

Take it to the next level. Share and collect advice, ideas, exercises and drills. Collaborate with coaches around the world. Gain inspiration from our 5.000 free exercises – all created by coaches from our community!

use it mobil
Take it to the field!

Stay synced in real-time across all your devices. Create your own browser-based practices, take them with you via tablet and smartphone. And the best part of it all – there is no installation necessary!

for grassroots soccer
For grassroots soccer

Our concept: is not designed for large international clubs, but rather for you and me.

performance tracker
Planning & Analysis

Follow the development of your team, involve your players in their learning and training process.

Keeping an overview

All training sessions, events and meetings at a glance. You’ll never miss a players birthday again.

This is just the beginning

We’re constantly updating, always looking for ways to enhance coaching and training methods. See our current status of development below.

Profit from your knowledge

Are you a professional? Do a lot of people appreciate your expertise? Create exclusive exercises which you can then sell to other coaches.

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