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How to use

The Action Button simple, fast, direct.

The action button works as an add button and is a shortcut to several functions. From the dashboard it takes you directly to “create a new exercise”, “add a new team member” or “add a new session”.

Floating action button

The 3 dot menu

It is the counterpart to the action button. In this menu you always find the editing options e.g. delete, team membership, email, save as etc.

3 dot menu

Save as PDF

In, your exercises and session plans are safely stored. But in order to keep record of your training in a printed version, you can additionally save them on your personal device. Just click the 3 dots menu, “Save as pdf” and select your personal displaying settings.

Training Privacy

Decide what other coaches can see. All exercises and exercise collections are default set as “public” (visible for everyone). If you don’t want to show your ideas, you can also choose” private” (only visible for you).

Training privacy


With our drawing tool you can create a drawing on your own. It gives you the realistic touch to your training and covers all the features you need. Just start designing your perfect exercise. We surely have the right icons for you.

Fields and Zoom

You have different fields to play with. Zoom in and position the specific part of the soccer field. This way you can focus on e.g goalkeeper training by zooming to the goal lines.

  1. Select a field.
  2. Click on  ic_zoom_in_black_24dp_1x
  3. Drag the field hand-drag


After selecting the field, the drawing tool provides several icons to design your exercise. You can add  players, coaches and tools (balls, goals, cones etc.). Additionally it provides drawing options like lines, shapes and text elements..

Undo / Redo

This feature is present on the top left corner of the drawing tool. You can UNDO/REDO any action.

Edit section

Edit all elements individually through the edit section. You will find it on the left side. Following are the functions.

  • Filter selection by
  • Change the order of elements
  • Select colours
  • Adjust opacity
  • Edit players
  • Edit elements
  • Delete or duplicate selected

Measurement line

Displays the size of the field. You can measure the distance between two points according to a modern day standard field


The “Grid” feature makes it easy to align elements. This way you can set up formations and tactics in an organized structure. Click on “Snap to grid” and it will automatically start aligning.


Use the entire screen to get a clear picture of the soccer field. It is situated in the 3 dot menu.

TIP! You will gain more space and a better view on small displays.



The Team Manager offers a full variety of team management features. You can add as many teams and players as you like. Store player information to never lose track of your player characteristics. Through the team manager, you can also send out team emails or contact your players individually

Add Team

You can create as many teams as you want in the Team Manager. Write the name of the team and choose the colour of the jersey. When you are done with creating teams, then start adding players.

Add Players

Just click “New Player” and enter the details of your player. If you like to go more into detail, click the edit button of each player to add more. This way, all your team members are organized in one place.

Change Team Membership

You can shift a player from one team to another. Click on the 3 dot button, and select “Team membership”. It will display the currently selected team. You can change it by selecting another team.

Send Emails

You can send emails to the players or your entire team. There are two options:

  1. Send individual mails through the 3 dot menu next to each player.
  2. Send a team mail through the action button.

Players with no team

If you have players that don’t belong to a certain team, they will be listed in the tab “Extra Players”.

extra players


If you want to create your own soccer exercises, click on “New Exercise” to get started. The exercise tool is divided into four major parts.

  1. Main title – give your exercise a name.
  2. Description – explain you training in details.
  3. Drawing – Visualize your description.
  4. Categories that explain your training focus

Draft and complete status

You can only “complete” your exercise, when the required elements are filled out properly. But an exercise can be saved without completing. Remember, if it’s not set as Complete, it will stay in a draft mode to be edited later.


All the exercises need description for better understanding. Describe your exercise to depict the drawing. We have a preset order with “Setup”, “Execution” and “Variations”, but feel free to change it to your own.


You can set different attributes according to your exercise. There are various options to categorize your work i.e. main focus, different age groups, training phase, amount of goalkeepers and several more.

Upload or create drawing

If you already have existing images, just upload them on by clicking the “Upload image” button.
If you want to create a new drawing, click “Draw”. 
 Read more on how to use the drawing tool here

Upload draw


The Session Manager keeps record of all your sessions. Click on the action button to create a new soccer training. Each session can be duplicated, edited or deleted. The manager is divided into following parts.

  1. Base – describe your session.
  2. Event – select team, time and location.
  3. Exercises – create new or add existing exercises from the “Database”.
  4. Team Follow-Up – to “Check Attendance” and “Performance”.

Add exercises to a session

You can select all exercises from the database and add them to your session. Choose from your own or public ones from other users. Click “Add existing exercise” to get to the database. If you need to create a new exercise, select “New exercise”.

floating-action-trainingsession-en (1)

Search for sessions

You can find a specific session with our search bar, e.g. select a team, search for a training focus and show either training templates or finished sessions. If you can only remember the date of the session, limit the search to a certain period of time.

Create exercise variations

This is a neat shortcut feature to create a series of “Exercise variations” directly in the session. You can either edit or replace the specific exercises. Just click the 3 dot menu of each exercise to find the options “Copy & Edit” or “Copy & Replace”

TIP! This feature is only enabled for your own exercises.

Create a session template

In order to reuse your favourite session plans at any time, you can create session templates. The templates can be duplicated as many times as you want and assigned to certain teams at the certain time.

TIP! Keep some standard templates in the training manager as a base for each training focus. 

Session template


Stay updated about your team’s development. We help you visualize the performance of your players.

Check Attendance

You can notify your players about the upcoming session in order to get a status update of the players that won’t be attending. Click “Check Attendance” in the 3 dot menu of the session that you want to do the attendance check on.

Your players can directly cancel the training with this email and you get the update in your list in real time.

Team follow-up

Rate the performance after each training by clicking “Team Follow-up”. We created the rating to be simple and efficient. Your players can be valuated either good, neutral or bad. Add additional feedback in the comments field.


You can find all exercises in the exercise database. You can choose between two different views. The grid view is set as default, but you can further change it to the list view for full detail.

Search for exercises:

The search bar helps you find the inspiration you are looking for. Start typing and the search will suggest you existing exercises, categories and coaches.

Search Filters

Just next to the search bar you will find the more filters option. It consists of two further tabs:

  1. “My filters” – select your favourite exercises, own exercises and exercise collections.
  2. “More filters”  choose between different categories and various languages to narrow your search


Our “Database” offers exercises in many languages. You can select your default languages in the profile settings. If you feel like searching for additional languages, e.g. to find inspiration from coaches around the world, a language button is situated in “More filters” next to the search bar.

Like and comment

Give the coaches some credit by commenting or liking their exercises. The features are below each exercise.


Store and access your favourite exercises in your personal collections. Click on Bookmark   to create new or add to an existing collection. They can be stored private, for your own use, or public for everyone to find.

TIP! You can share your collections with your friends by copying the URL.

Sort by

You can sort exercises by most liked, commented, bookmarked, viewed or the newest first.

Sharing is caring

Share exercises via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WhatsApp with your network. The sharing option share exercises  is situated in the detailed exercise view on the top right side.

Chat / Instant Messaging

Communication is the best tool to teach and learn. Stay connected with the chat which is situated in the sidebar. The search bar will help you to find the person you would like to contact.


Use the Calendar to organize and schedule your soccer training. Create three different event types:

  1. General Events
  2. Birthdays
  3. Sessions

Extra Support

Didn’t find what you were looking for in our FAQs? Feel free to contact us or send us a mail to