Soccer Shot on Goal Exercises

Are you looking for some quality soccer exercises to improve your team’s shooting abilities? Then this page is just the thing for you. With these four training examples you can immediately head off to the soccer training field. Click on one of the shot on goal exercises to get to the description. If that is not enough for you, then register on and start finding thousands of exercises in our database.

Ropeball – Shooting drill for youth players


Set up 

A field of 20m x 10m will be set up with poles. In the middle of the field you will stetch a rope at the height of 1m. The backpoles one each side will mark the goal lines. Make sure you have enough replacement balls on the sidelines. Once the fields are set up you will divide the group in teams of 4.


Objective of this exercise is to shoot the ball below the rope across the opponents goal line. Each team is allowed to have a maximum of 6 ball touches for one attack. Only one defender is allowed to be directly on the goalline in an effort to keep the ball from crossing it. Players are not allowed to use their hand. A handball equals a goal. To switch things up, put a second ball on the pitch or change the number of maximum ball touches or players.

Playing time: Which team is the first to score 7 goals?

What makes you different from everyone else?

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Dribbling course and shot on goal

Set up

Set up two small goals (Width 5m). 15m in front of each goal you place one cone. With a distance of 5m from the cone, you set up four poles and one starting cone. The team will be divided into two groups and will line up at station 1 (S1) and station 2 (S2).


The first player of each station starts dribbling with high velocity through the course. Different kind of moves and forms of dribbling should be demanded of the players. After the player gets past the poles and reaches the last cone, he will bring the ball to his outside foot, to perform a goal shot. The coach can give different signals, to tell the player where the ball should be placed.

Coaching Tips

The dribbling should be performed at a high velocity – the ball needs to move throughout the whole time. Players should keep their head and eyes up during the dribbling, to allow themselves to keep their orientation on the field. Also pay attention to the players using their weak foot as well.

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How bad do you want to win?

The Volley Shot – An effective shooting drill


Set up

Two big goals with a minimum distance of 15 meters should be set up next to eachother. Place a cone, about 20meters in front of each goal. Two assistants line up next to the goal with enough soccer balls and one goalkeeper per goal will be taking their position – The rest of the them will be divided to the two stations S1 and S2.


The assistants will throw the ball in the direction of the respective station. By doing so they give the starting signal for the first player in line to start moving. He will attempt a volley shot, after a maximum of one bounce of the ball. If the ball is thrown from the player’s left side, he will execute the shot with his right foot and the other way round. The ball should be thrown in different curves and spins to increase the level of difficulty. After executing the goal shot, players collect the ball and move behind the goals towards the next station.

Count your goals and make your goals count – Which player has the highest score after five rounds on both stations?

Will someone be better than you?

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Shooting Drill – Precision from distance

Set up

Place two big goals next to eachother, with a distance of at least 15m in between. Two poles on each goal line divide the goal in thirds. Put another pole 25m in front of the two goals. 3 cones, behind the pole, mark the shooting area (see drawing). The players will then line up at station 1 and 2.


The first player of each station starts dribbling towards the pole at the same time, after the coach has given the start signal. Both players try to get around the pole as tight as possible (Consider the player coming from the other side). As soon as the players have passed the pole, the coach will give a signal on where to shoot the ball. The goal shot must take place inside the shooting area. S1 will use the right foot and S2 the left.

Count the goals – Who has the highest score after 5 rounds at each station?