Soccer Cross Exercises

Are you looking for some quality soccer exercises to improve your team’s crossing abilities? Then this page is just the thing for you. With these four training examples you can immediately head off to the soccer training field. Click on one of the cross exercises to get to the description. If that is not enough for you, then register on and start finding thousands of exercises in our database.

Cross pass – Spacing by the Wing Player

Soccer exercise - Spacing on the wing

Set Up

Set up five stations between penalty box and halfway line. The players: 2,6,7,9 and 10 (Number = Position) are put in the position that you can see on the picture. To increase repetitions use other half of the field as well and set up the same exercise – the cross pass will be played from the left side this time.


The 6 starts the exercise with a short dribbling, followed by a pass to #7 who is starting to move as well. At the same time that #7 receives the ball, #2 (Outside defender) start to cross on the wing behind #7. The 7 dribbles the ball for a short distance before he plays a deep pass to #9, who is moving towards the ball with 2 quick steps – A juke move should be made to get a good release from the defender. #9 plays a one touch pass to #2 who is approaching on the wing position. With this pass #10 starts moving towards the first post, #7 will run to the edge of the penalty box, while #9 will take the short way to the back part of the penalty area. #2 will cross the ball into the penalty area, to #10 at the first post. #6 will play the safety in the midfield area, in case the cross is being intercepted – The defensive vulnerability which is caused by the offensive playing outside defender #2, is kept to a minimum

Timing is crucial in this exercise! 

What makes you different from everyone else?

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Cross Competition – Score a Volley Goal

Set up

Two big goals will be set up opposite eachother on a 30m x 40m pitch. The halfway line and corners will be marked with cones. Divide the group into two team (5 Field players + 1 Goalkeeper in the example). 3 field players of each team, will line up inside the field in front of the opposite team’s goalkeeper. The other two players of each team, will line up on the sideline / wing position with a lot of soccer balls.


The two wing players of each team will get the numbers one and two. The coach will signal which player plays the cross pass to the players in front of the goal. The three players should convert the cross pass into a goal shot with just one touch. They are allowed to use their head and feet. In the same manner they are allowed to pass the ball to their teammate with one touch, but for just one time. The goalkeeper needs to keep good positioning to either catch or save the ball.
Cross pass competition: Which team scores more goals within 3 minutes?
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Cross Pass Drill – Above the rope


Set up

Two or more poles need to be set up in the middle of the field with a total distance of 15 to 20 meters. Stretch a rope or string inbetween the poles. Players will be divided into groups of two and will position themselves opposite of eachother on each one side of the rope/string. Two players will get one ball.


The players will alternately start playing high and wide cross passes to one another. The ball should be received, controlled and positioned within a maximum of two touches. At this, the player receiving the ball should move towards the oncoming pass. The passes should be played with the stronger, as well as with the weaker foot. The form of passing can be changed as well – for example: S1 plays a hard pass below the rope, whilst S2 is still playing a high and wide cross pass, but with his weaker foot.

Goal keepers can be involved in this exercises, as they will vary between catching the ball with their hands and trying to improve their ball reception skills with the foot.

Success doesn’t come easy…

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3 (+2) vs 3 – Goals after cross

Set up

A field of 25m x 30m with two goals (Width 5m) needs to be set up. Mark down a corridor on the wing position with cones (orange area). Determine two teams of 3 (+ one goalkeeper each) and two additional neutral wing players, that will line up in the marked area.


The two teams will play a “3 vs 3” on the pitch. The attacking team can pass the ball to the neutral wing players – which should be used for cross passes. The wing players are not allowed to leave their wing area, but at the same time can not be attacked by defenders. Goals can only be scored after converting a cross from one of the wing player, with the head or the foot (maximum of two touches after the cross). An attack is limited to a maximum duration of 20 seconds. Goalkeepers are not allowed to use their hands.

Playing time: 4 minutes per game