New: CLUB-Version!

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CLUB-Version with unlimited Members

Be a team player: From today you can invite all your club members to join your account in order to share and manage teams, player data and training sessions. Parents and players can be included in the planning and organization of training sessions.

New prices: With the introduction of the CLUB-Version, prices have changed. All existing accounts will not be affected – the initial price remains. Price Overview

Test the CLUB-Version

Convince yourself and try for your club. With the discount code: 2016PC30ENOFF you can use the CLUB-Version for 30 days.


  • The discount code is only valid for a monthly subscription
  • Afterwards your subscription will renew itself for another 30 days for the regular monthly fee (prices)
  • Under “Settings” > “Your Account” > “Cancel subscription” you can cancel your subscription at any time Mannschaftsbereich

Change club name

To name your club, simply choose “Edit club name” on the right hand side and type in the name of your club – don’t forget to save!

Add members

In order to invite your club members, you have to create an account including First name, Last name and email address. Assign one or more roles to your member from the user groups drop-down menu. Add as many users as you like and afterwards click the “Invite user(s) via email” button. Your club member(s) will be notified via email to join your club account.

Member management

Give each club member different permissions for certain functions. Select from “View”, “Create/Update” and “Delete” for the various functions, for example Exercise, Calendar, Training…etc.

TIP! You can give your club member more than one role as well as permissions for different functions.

Filter functions

Within your club you can easily search for members or filter by team or user groups (for example Player, Coach, Youth Admin…etc.). Note: you can only filter by team if you have a Club-Version with 5 or more teams.