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We are adding a new category to our training blog! Besides our already existing topics like training science and sports psychology, we now want to approach the parents amongst you. Which is why, from now on, we will present to you articles from Susanne Amar, the founder of the German blog “Ins Netz gegangen” [“Gone into the Net – Youth Soccer vs. Family Life, School + other challenges”].

Susanne Amar is a German Blogger, Author, TV-Producer and since 2015 a Systemic Coach. She became involved with Soccer in 2005, when her son decided to join the local Soccer team. It changed her “Life in unforeseen dimensions”. Now, after more than a decade in the “World of Soccer”, she shares her experiences with you. With the focus on youth soccer, she will also submit to you her take on coaching, parents, health and a lot more – You are allowed to stay curious.

Find more info about Susanne Amar and her blog on her German Blog “Ins Netz gegangen” and soon on our training blog as well.

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Susanne Amar

Susanne is a German TV-Producer, Author, Coach and founder of the Blog “Gone into the Net”. On she shares with you her experiences from more than a decade in the world of soccer.

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