Welcome to the new planet.training

New look of planet.training

We are excited to present you what we’ve been working on in the last several months. Our goal is to help revolutionize your coaching experience. We hope you enjoy it. Here are the new improvements.

Why the new planet.training?

For us the important thing is that the planning process stays simple and is easy to use. On the other hand the platform should not restrict structuring your training. Planet.training was not only designed to last for one season, but for a lifetime of training preparation. That’s why we built the new planet.training.

What’s new?

A simple design

Planet.training is designed to stay simple, but if you want to, you will be able to unfold the advanced features and make the most out of it.

“Additional functions are wrapped up in the 3-dot menu”

3 dot menu

You will find it almost everywhere and it unfolds some nice features.

“Introducing the action button”

floating-action-trainingsession-en (1)

With the action button you will get to your required action in no time. Keep an eye on it. It packs some cool shortcuts like adding a new player or planning another session directly from the dashboard.

Button featured in the new planet.training Funktionen des neuen planet.training

A new feeling

The new planet.training responds to your actions in a smooth way. You can feel what you click or tap, elements animate and buttons light up. Once you start planning an exercise or session, planet.training will guide you through the creation process to make sure you don’t miss anything.

New features

What kind of relaunch would it be if it wasn’t for new features.

Finding new inspiration has become so simple.

Remember that amazing session you did about a year ago? No?!… Not a problem, because planet.training lets you search for sessions, training dates or even the focus you had in the session. If you search for exercises, you can now just start typing and the auto-complete function will find it quickly. Did you get any inspiring ideas and want to keep working on it later? Just add the exercise to your personal collection or save the search.

Screenshot of the new drawing tool

Our drawing tool has become much more powerful

It now gives you the certain individual touch when drawing an exercise. Players, tools and fields can be adjusted in size and colour while some additional gadgets support the structuring of symbols. We also gave some artistic touch to the quality of pictures. If you love retina, you will love the new drawing tool. Give it a try!

The next steps

With the new version we are now ready for more features that will take your coaching to the next level! Planet.training will continue to develop, in order to become the first choice coaching tool on the coaching market. The whole team is welcoming you to be part of planet.training. Try it!

If you like the new look, share it with your friends. If something is not working or missing, please contact us!

All the best, your planet.training team!

Support Team

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  1. Kubilay says:

    cool.. keep up the good work!

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