We asked, you answered: The new menu is launched

The new planet.training menu is launched

With more than 42.000 Coaches planet.training is growing faster than ever. Coaches all across the globe are creating exercises, organizing their training sessions and refining their tactics with our tools. This development has lead us to asking you the question, how we can support you even more efficiently in your daily work as a coach – Now we are turning your wishes into reality!

In the last few months we added plenty of new features, that are aiming to make your training management more professional.  With planet.training you can work with your assistant coaches on the same training session, add training statistics, tactics and much more. With the number of features, a systematic menu becomes necessary. So we got to work and designed a menu that is not only new and improved, but also made to measure – That’s how it looks like:


Below the Dashboard you’ll now find the button “Create new”, which allows you to create members, teams, exercises and everything else with only one click.  It makes adding new players to your team in passing much easier.


Right below you can enter your Club House. All the Club and personal management is done here. In “My Team” you can add your assistant coaches, parents and any staff member you want. You can even allow them to see & edit every part of your training management – That’s how you take your Club organization to the next level. By clicking on “Team” you can manage player profiles as well as your teams. Communication with players and assistant coaches is done in the “Chat”.


The only thing that matters here is your training – Find thousands of exercises in our database and use the quick access to your own exercises, as well as to your favorites. As soon as you found your preferred ones you can add them to your training session and make sure all your players reply to the attendance check. In this section, neither training statistics nor tactics will be disregarded. Whether it’s your next starting line up or a creative set play – You’ll plan and practice your next masterstroke right here.


Why do you get up for practice each and every week? Because all that counts is winning on game day! From now on we will help you win. In “The Season” you find your Calendar. Here you maintain a good overview of birthdays, training sessions and game days. In the upcoming weeks we are adding a couple of great new features for your perfect season – So you better stay tuned!


The second section for the future is our “Coaches Corner”. Through our training blog you’ll be supplied with all kinds of soccer related knowledge. It’s how you stay on top of your game. In the near future you’ll find other great sections here, that’ll make you benefit from our coaches’ community.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look for yourself!

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