Our premium packages will be available – beginning 2016

The Pro Coach

Dear coaches,

We want to continue supporting your excellent coaching work with the perfect training tool. To ensure the quality of our product and the development of upcoming features, some of our services will turn fee-based at the beginning of 2016. Please read on for more details or check our pricing directly.

What does this mean for you?

Even though you might already be a happy user of planet training, we will still give you some time to decide whether you would like to pay for our services or use the free version. At the beginning of the year, certain features will be limited to paid services. But don’t worry. Because you have been with us and helped shaping planet.training to one of the best coaching tools, we will offer a reduced price on the upcoming features. Those features can be unlocked with our new premium packages, the Advanced-Coach and the PRO-Coach. If you are interested in becoming one of the first Premium users of planet.training, you can subscribe to our newsfeed and we will inform you as soon as you’ll be able to purchase our Premium features.

What is it going to cost?

In the beginning of next year we will offer a limited discount on both paid versions. The PRO-Coach can be purchased to a fee of 59€ per year. The Advanced-Coach will cost 39€ a year. Currently we are working on 3 brand new features. Those will be exclusively available to our PRO and Advanced members. Until they are finalized we are offering our paid plans at special discounted rates. Follow the development progress here.

What happens to my old data?

All your exercises, training sessions and events that have been already created, will still be usable in the future.

What features will be included in the new premium packages?

We had several conversations with coaches from all different levels and subsequently developed three different versions of planet.training. With those different packages, we want to support you in the best way possible. Find detailed information about each versions’ features here.

3 Versions for 3 different coaches

Our three packages reflect three different types of coaches which emerged from our research:

The inspired coach – Free Version

The inspired coach is interested in new exercises, as well as in trusted ones from back in the days. He is always looking for inspiration but does not necessarily need a schedule, because his training organization happens more intuitively. The fact that other coaches are using the same exercise does not bother him at all, in fact, he likes sharing with his competitors.

The organized coach – Advanced Coach Version

He cherishes organization a lot. To him, there is great importance on privacy in training management. This coach likes communicating with his team, as well as saving his detailed team information and schedule in one place. All training exercises should be printed out and taken to the field. Well, he likes keeping his secrets of success: “Because each coach has to develop his own ideas and methods.”

The modern educationist – Pro Coach Version

He is very open-minded about digital technology and likes trying new training methods. Further development of his didactic coaching concepts is of great importance to him. Eventually his players will learn even more effectively because of the visual feedback they get. Thanks to smart planning, the saved time can be used to further improve the player’s skill set. This coach might be part of a bigger coaching staff and all coaches like to coordinate everything that revolves around training in one private working circle.

For more information about our premium packages, visit our pricing-site. If you already want to get the Pro Coach version, we advise you to subscribe to our newsfeed to become one of the first planet.training premium users.

Do you have any questions or something on your mind? Write an email to support@planet.training and get in touch with us.

We wish you all the best,
your planet.training team

Support Team

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  1. Yves says:


    nun da bin ich dann ja mal gespannt. Bei dem bisherigen Support bin ich dann gern auch bereit etwas für zu bezahlen. Freue mich schon drauf.

  2. Amir says:

    Sounds good, it will be perfect

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