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Season preparation with the ball

The summer break is over and the players are relaxed from their deserved recovery phase. The break rarely has a good impact when it comes to the fitness of most players. Even with our small summer training plan [...]

Our season break fitness plan

Another long season has finally come to an end. All your players spent large amounts of energy and all they really want is a break, not only physically but also psychologically. In order to prevent starting your new [...]

Soccer Strength Training – The fundamentals

In the past physical strength has often been viewed as an underestimated component of conditional ability. Various performance classes were telling players, not that long ago, that strength training makes a player slow and immobile. In fact, based [...]

Soccer and cross country runs

"Bad coaches send their players out for a run in the forest" - this was the headline of an article I once read on the subject of pre-season preparation. This sentence has since burned itself into my brain. [...]