The new Tactic Tool is online

This is what our new tactic tool looks like [:de}So sieht das neue Taktik-Tool aus

It is time to introduce our Tactic Tool! It aims to support the planning of your game strategy and was developed to manage your personal line-ups, standard situations and preparation of further tactical moves. You haven’t decided on the final line-up for the next game yet? With the Tactic Tool, you can play around and try as many situations as you want.

As a coach, you probably know the feeling – you have a new tactical idea in mind, but it just doesn’t look understandable enough for your players. And where are the strategies from last game? We have the right solution for you. From now on, all your strategies are safely stored in one place. Very helpful – the Tactic Tool enables you to directly insert your players from the Team Manager to your different strategies.

You can also create collections of several tactics that you can use as a playbook for your next game or as a summary for your assistant coach. It’s totally up to you – just download everything as a PDF-File and get a head start on your opponents through a better tactical visualization of your strategies for you and your players.

Here are the key facts about the new Tactic Tool.

  • Create line-ups, tactics and standards
  • Create playbooks or bookmark your favourites
  • You players are directly integrated in your drawings
  • Different categories help you stay organized
  • Save everything as PDF files

Try it out now. It’s free!

Create your Tactic

The Tactic Tool is the first of three new premium features. In case you would like to know more about the development progress, click here for all infos.

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