Premium Exercises for Premium Coaches

Premium Soccer Exercises

Most of us know that feeling – There’s only one hour left until the practice starts and for some reason, we still need to plan the training session. In those situations, the most important question for a coach is: Where do I find the best exercises, on the go? The answer is simple – You just use the new premium filter and get access to all quality exercises with just one click. We’ll now explain how this works.

We currently have around 7500 international exercises, created by coaches from all around the world – 2.000 of them are in English, with new ones being created every day. Even the most experienced coach will have a hard time maintaining an overview, despite our search engine. For that specific reason, we will be offering premium exercises for all Advanced and Pro Members from now on.

Exercises that will make a difference!

In collaboration with a few selected coaches, we went to work. We created, updated and optimized some of the best exercises. Each exercise description contains the complete Set Up and Execution. In most exercises you will also find additional Coaching Tips and Variations, which will leave no question unanswered. Likewise, we updated the categories of every single quality exercise, which will help you find them with our search engine.

Premium exercises for premium coaches

New exercises will be added each month!

You can’t find the right exercises for your training, despite thousands in our database? will change that. Our team, which consists of Sports Scientists and licensed soccer coaches, will make new exercises available for Premium Members each month. We will make sure that all training categories are improved and completed equally. So what are you waiting for? Get your Pro Coach yearly subscription, and start planning your training sessions professionally. Click here to get further information about our pricing or go ahead and look for the best exercise in our database.


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