1 vs 2 – Attack and Counter

Set up Set up two goals with poles (Width 3m) opposite of the big goal.  Two defending zones (Size: 20m x 5m) are set up with each four cones. The distance between the zones is 5 meter. Determine two [...]

3 vs 3 – A Transition Game

Set up Two goals need to be set up with poles (Width 7m) on a 15m x 20m field. Divide the group into teams of three and sent two teams to each field. One of the two teams [...]

4 vs 2 with counter attack

Set up For this exercise you will need one half of a regular pitch, where a "4 vs 2" will be played. 10 meter in front of the halfway line, set up a pole goal (Width of penalty area). [...]

1 vs 1 – On three goals

Set up For this exercise you need to set up two sets of three pole goals (Width 4m) on a 20m x 20m field. Divide the group into groups of two (1 versus 1) - a maximum of 5 groups per [...]