Shooting Drill – Precision from distance

Set up Place two big goals next to eachother, with a distance of at least 15m in between. Two poles on each goal line divide the goal in thirds. Put another pole 25m in front of the two goals. 3 cones, [...]

The Volley Shot – An effective shooting dril...

Set up Two big goals with a minimum distance of 15 meters should be set up next to eachother. Place a cone, about 20meters in front of each goal. Two assistants line up next to the goal with enough soccer [...]

Ropeball – Shooting drill for youth players

Set up  A field of 20m x 10m will be set up with poles. In the middle of the field you will stetch a rope at the height of 1m. The backpoles one each side will mark the [...]

Dribbling course and shot on goal

Set up Set up two small goals (Width 5m). 15m in front of each goal you place one cone. With a distance of 5m from the cone, you set up four poles and one starting cone. The team [...]