Cross pass – Spacing by the Wing Player

Set Up Set up five stations between penalty box and halfway line. The players: 2,6,7,9 and 10 (Number = Position) are put in the position that you can see on the picture. To increase repetitions use other half of the field [...]

Cross Competition – Score a Volley Goal

Set up: Two big goals will be set up opposite eachother on a 30m x 40m pitch. The halfway line and corners will be marked with cones. Divide the group into two team (5 Field players + 1 Goalkeeper [...]

Cross Pass Drill – Above the rope

Set up Two or more poles need to be set up in the middle of the field with a total distance of 15 to 20 meters. Stretch a rope or string inbetween the poles. Players will be divided [...]

3 (+2) vs 3 – Goals after cross

Set up A field of 25m x 30m with two goals (Width 5m) needs to be set up. Mark down a corridor on the wing position with cones (orange area). Determine two teams of 3 (+ one goalkeeper [...]