Important changes in the new Drawing Tool

The new drawing tool

Just a few days to the launch of our new design with cool features. The most obvious change we made, next to our design, affect the drawing tool. We included some very helpful features, that will further support you in displaying your exercises. No matter where you are – No plugin needed.

It is now Smartphone friendly and offers a better handling. Additionally the possibility to zoom gives you the opportunity to choose any part of the field you like. Different sizes of players are no problem anymore.


Unfortunately there will be one restriction at the beginning. You will not be able to edit your existent drawings with the new editor since it is using a better and different technology. If you update previous drawings, your new drawing will simply replace the old one. Don’t worry, all your other training data like exercise description, appointments, sessions and conversations will stay the same.

Keep the 19th of October in mind. Until then you can still edit your existent drawings. We are looking forward to bring you more news.

All the best.
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