Category: Coaches Corner

Artists over Athletes

In his second blog, Coach Ellis Riley, founder of “Soccer IQ”, focuses on the notion that fundamentally developing creative players can harvest a greater individual and team performance on a more consistent basis. Today’s players, specifically (in my own [...]

When parents swear during soccer

During a football game, almost everyone is charged with emotion, but sometimes it's getting too intense. Yelling spectators & parents everywhere… It seems to have become normality. Susanne Amar, founder of the blog “Ins Netz gegangen” [“Gone Into [...]

What parents expect from soccer

In a soccer game, everybody wants to leave the field as a winner – Coaches, players and even parents. But quite often the parent’s expectations for their offspring will be exorbitant. Susanne Amar, founder of the blog “Ins [...]

Soccer training through the winter

When wintertime has a lock on your training pitch, but you have to get ready to prepare for the next part of the season, you might ask yourself: “Is it really necessary to practice in the cold? Shouldn’t [...]

Team Motivation instead of strict instructions

"Soccer is psychology!" If you are only working on soccer exercises, your team's inprovement will be limited. Even if the player has great qualifications, perfectly timed passes and an incredible running ability, the necessary implementation of these abilities [...]

Soccer and cross country runs

"Bad coaches send their players out for a run in the forest" - this was the headline of an article I once read on the subject of pre-season preparation. This sentence has since burned itself into my brain. [...]

Season preparation with the ball

The summer break is over and the players are relaxed from their deserved recovery phase. The break rarely has a good impact when it comes to the fitness of most players. Even with our small summer training plan [...]