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From now on team management is happening on a new, more organized level and it might even become fun again. We know without your team list, you couldn’t keep in touch and let your players know about upcoming news. But isn’t it always a bit of a pain to search through your contacts to update a few things? Over the last days we did some work on our planet.training Team Manager to make the overall display of your squad more organized and yet more simpler at the same time.

To the Team Manager

During this small update it was important for us to improve the overall look of the team view. We didn’t really like the way players where sorted in a simple list, where much detail can be displayed but all the information kind of melted together. Looking at it we knew, the list had to go and make space for something better!

Our new Team Manager gives you:

  • A better overview over all player info
  • A direct way to get in touch via email and phone
  • The visualization of your players position
  • Everything else just looks prettier 😉
New Team View in planet.training

Through the player window in our Team Manager you can call or contact your player within a single click. So no more copy pasting of numbers. Just touch and dial. Our new grid view also provides a clear picture of all important details like player positions, jersey numbers and much more.

How else might the Team Manager be useful to you?

With planet.training you can create your personal tactics and game formations. Having the team integrated in the system, your players are automatically inserted in your tactic creator. Only drag & drop the players to their position and your new line-up is finished!

Our Tip!

Print your game formation before each game and hang it up in the locker room so your players know what’s going on. Luckily with planet.training, you can also create PDF-Printouts.

Create your Tactic

Enjoy your training and good luck at your next game!

Your planet.training Team

Fabian Klingner

Fabian is our Sports Scientist and graduate from the German Sports University in Cologne. In our Blog he'll share his knowledge with you.

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